Kokkrebellur Pelicanry

Kokkrebellur Pelicanry

Kokkrebellur, small village is located at a distance of 40 km from Mandya. Kokkrebellur, literally means the village of storks in kannada language. Kokkare means 'stork' and Bellur means 'village of jaggery'. During the month of October/November every year, Kokkrebellur turns home to migratory birds.

Flocks of painted storks (ibis leucocephalus) and spot billed pelicans (pelecanus philippenis) go down to the hamlet to build their nests and rear their young.

Large, shady trees of tamarind, peepal and portia hair with colonies of birds, and they come in large numbers, especially during the month of February when the population peaks.

The entire village waits eagerly for the arrival of winged guests every year with which villagers have developed a relationship of reverence. According to the villagers, if the birds fail to turn up in a year, they believe it bodes ill for the village.

Best time to visit Kokkrebellur: Between June and November

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