The historical town of Talakadu is a treat for those with a historical bend of mind. Located on the left bank of the majestic River Cauvery, the town has several claims to fame. Perhaps the most important claim to fame is the curse that turned the thriving town into a sandy shore with sand dunes about 15 meters high.

The panchalinga darshana

The opportunity to visit all five Shiva temples in one auspicious day comes around once every twelve years. The five temples are thought to represent the five different faces or avatars of Lord Shiva. The temples worshipped on the auspicious day are, Sri Vaideshwara, Sri Maruleshwara, Sri Muduhuthore, Sri Arakeshwara and Sri Pathaleshwara.

The day is decided by the high priests according to the day of the new moon or amavasya in the Karthika month according to the Lunar or the Hindu calendar. The holy festival beckons devotees from far and wide as it truly is a rare phenomenon. The rarity is attributed to the movement of stars and their special alignment that heralds the day of the festival.

Spread over five entire days, the festivities commence at the exact same minute at all the five temples. The festivities begin with the ritual dip in the holy lake adjoining the temple of Vaidyanatheshwara. Water from the same lake is brought to the temple to bathe the Gods. Various rituals and chariot processions mark the five days of the festival.

All year Round

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