Kukke Subrahmanya

Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, Kukke Subrahmanya

Kukke Subrahmanya temple is situated in the lush abundance of the beauty of the nature with rivers, forests and hills in Sullia Taluk of Dakshina Kannada (South Canara) District.

Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is observed as one of the seven Mukti places, pilgrimage sites of Karnataka. (Kollur, Udupi, Kumbashi, Kodeshwara, Sankaranarayana and Gokarna are other Mukti places).

Kukke Subrahmanya is situated on the banks of river Dhara, which originates in the Kumara Parvatha (mountain) and proceeds towards western sea. It is also called as 'Kumaradhara River'.

The Subrahmanya temple is situated in the heart of this village. Kukke Subrahmanya temple is dedicated to lord Subrahmanya, who had manifested with Vasuki (the king of serpents).

According to the legend, Lord Subrahmanya took his birth to kill demon Tarakasura. After killing the demon Tarakasura, Lord Brahma installed the deity of Karthikeya in Subrahmanya Kshetra along with the deity of Vasuki through whom Karthikeya accepts the worship of his devotees and bless them all with fulfillment of their desire immediately. The deity is popularly known as 'Sri Subrahmanya Swamy'.


Sri Subrahmanya Temple
Kukke Linga
Vedavyasa Samputa Narasimha Devaru
Sri Bhairava Devaru
Sri Uma Maheshwara Devaru
Ballalaraya Vigraha
Sringeri Mutt
Hosaligammana Gudi
Darpana Theertha
Adi Subrahmanya (great Anthill 'Valmika' in the sanctuary)
Uttaradi Mutt
Kumaradhaara River
Kashikatte Ganapathi Temple
Matsya Theertha
Kumara Parvatha (also a great destination for trekkers)

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