Bylakuppe is popularly known as Tibetian Town in India. It is the location of Lugsum Samduplin (in 1961) and Dickyi Larsoe (in 1969), two adjacent Tibetian Refugees Settlements. These settlements are established on the land that was provided by the Government to accommodate the Tibetian refugees who wanted to resettle in India after 1959. Bylakuppe is a large Tibetian settlement near to Kushalnagar in Kodagu District. Bylakuppe is situated just 90 kms away from the Royal City-Mysore.

Bylakuppe has number of monasteries, nunneries, agricultural settlements and temples in major Buddhist traditions. It has many Buddhist advanced universities namely Serajey, Seramay, Nalanda etc. The buildings here are remarkably different in their shapes and looks. Bylakuppe being a small town has a lodges and hotels, police stations, commercial banks, telephone exchange, post-offices. Transportation facilities like bus-stands, auto-rickshaws and taxis.

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