Gulbarga, the largest district in Karnataka, is a land where the past melds with the present. This historically rich region of the Deccan has been part of a number of kingdoms, prominent among which are the Rashtrakutas and the Bahamanis. A treasure home of architectural delights, Gulbarga is justly famous for the grandeur of the many Indo-Saracenic monuments that dot the landscape. Making it a destination that takes one back through the pages of history.


Once the capital of the Kalyana Chalukyas and the centre of a great social and religious upheaval in the 12th century, Basavakalyan in Bidar district is famed for its cultural heritage. During the time of the social reformer Basaveshwara, it became a seat of learning, and an abode of spiritual wisdom. Basavakalyan is renowned for the saints who made the city their home: Basaveshwara, Akka-Mahadevi, Channabasavanna and Siddarama. You can also see some monuments, caves, and other places of historic and religious importance here.

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