Magod Falls

Magod Falls

Magod falls is about 80 kms from Karwar. River Bedti gushes down in two leaps offering a beautiful view and the wooded area offers an ideal picnic spot. The beautiful falls amidst dense growth of evergreen forests plummets down into a rocky ravine from a height of 650 ft.

Magod falls can be reached by road comfortably in sturdy vehicles, keeping in mind the mountainous terrains required to traverse. It is about 19 km from Yellapur and 60 km from Kumta.

Kavade Kere

On the way to this waterfall you will find nice lake called "Kavade Kere" of about 60acres area. Trip to Magod falls in Yellapur taluq in North Kanara district in North West Karnataka will also be an opportune moment to visit the nearby sites like Jenukallugudda (honey rock hillock) where you can watch the mesmerizing sunset and Kavadikere (8km from Yellapur), a beautiful large lake.

Best time to visit Magod falls is just after rains. Months of August to December will be perfect.

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