A hedonist's paradise by all means, Coorg is a dream you'll never forget. Hills, old-world charm, coffee, amazing food, vivid cultures and warm hospitality - there's something in the air of Coorg that makes all things beautiful. The people are tall and fair. Its hills, scenic and unforgettable. Its food, wholesome and tantalising. Its pools, pristine and clear. Its cultures, vibrant and exclusive.

Coorg is an aristocrat, through and through. The stronghold of the Kodava community, who are believed to be descendants of the Aryans, Coorg keeps its traditions and as warm as your reception might be, you're reminded constantly that you are a guest - and a certain decorum is expected out of you. A certain joie-de-vivre!

Madikeri is a cornucopia of the times passed. The green, hilly capital of the Kodagu region has remnants of its past like the Madikeri Fort, the Raja's seat - where you can catch a sunset just like the rajas once did - acres of coffee estates and the Raja's tomb where the Kodagu king Veerarajendra and his family sleep their eternal sleep. About 9km away from Madikeri's giddy heights are the Abbey Falls, which falls daintily in steps, looking like a pretty curtain of the finest lace. The Talacauvery where the Cauvery originates is the hotbed of a phenomenon every year - on the 17th of October, at a predetermined moment, the water gushes up at the fountainhead from a spring.

Bylekuppe, about 40 km away from Madikeri, opens doors to an entirely different world. The Buddhist colony here is a piece of Tibet in itself, and the ubiquitous maroon and yellow robes will have you double-checking if you're still in South India or not. Along with Buddhist monks, Coorg also has some really big cats for neighbours. Nagarahole or the Rajiv Gandhi National Park has some impressive residents - tigers, leopards, elephants, bison, crocodiles, pythons, what have you.

With so many experiences on the platter, welcome to nature!

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